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Makeup Recipes

Coloured Lip-balm

Soft kissable lips, naturally! This easy tutorial uses only natural ingredients and is very quick to make at home with the right tools. You can even choose different mineral pigments depending on the shade you are after.


- 30ml Coconut Oil 

- 20ml (2x10ml measuring spoon) Carnauba Wax 

- 10ml Plum Oil 

- 15g Mineral Pigment  (here we use the colour Reef)



-Mini Funnel

-Lip balm tube

-10ml measuring spoon




Autumn Eyeshadow Palette

Ever bought an eyeshadow palette just because you liked a few of the shades and end up never using the others..? Well with this quick and easy DIY recipe, you can make your own eyeshadows, pick and choose the shades and easily change them up thanks to the magnetic palette. And the best part? It's all natural and we have so many colours of mineral powders to choose from.


- 1/2 tsp + 1/8 tsp of the following micas: Saturday Night Red, Subtle Pink, Pink Pearl, Golden Cream

- Vitamin E (180 drops or 9ml) in the following quantities per colour:

40 drops for Saturday Night Red; 50 drops for Subtle Pink; 45 drops for the Pink Pearl; 45 drops for the  Golden Cream


- Dual measuring Spoon

- 4 eyeshadow pans

- Eyeshadow palette

- Spoon

- 4 Mixing bowls or cups

- 1 dropper pipette